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The District Council of Ceduna maintains approximately 1700km of roads within the district. All roads other than the Eyre Highway, Flinders Highway and access roads to the Port of Thevenard are the responsibility of Council.

New road construction currently stands at approx. 35km per annum.

RAV Net is used to view any preapproved routes 

RAV Net Link: http://maps.sa.gov.au/ravnet/index.html 

If the route is not on RAV Net you MUST use NHVR and apply for a permit directly with them NOT the council. NHVR Link: https://www.nhvr.gov.au/

Rough Roads Register

Council maintains a Rough Road Register, and we encourage residents and visitors to advise Council of any roads that you feel need attention contact the District Council of Ceduna.

Allocation of funding for roads

All roads within the district are inspected yearly by members of the Assets and and Infrastructure Committee and Council staff to establish a hierarchy of roads according to usage and condition. This information is used by the Assets and Infrastructure Committee to determine which roads for Council to consider during budget priorities for the coming financial year.

Council has an Assets Management Officer who is working on collecting data and assessing the condition of all Council roads. This data will enable Council to better plan road construction and maintenance activities to meet the determined service levels. Modelling of this data will also enable a comparison of various activities during the life of a road pavement so that the most economic construction and maintenance practices can be adopted.

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