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Boat Ramp Permits


The District Council of Ceduna require Boat Ramp Permits to be purchased and displayed on the windscreen/dash of vehicles when launching from Council Boat Ramps.

Boat Ramp Permits are available from:

The District Council of Ceduna

The Visitor Information Centre

IGA Thevenard

Mogas Ceduna

Smoky Bay General Store

Smoky Bay Caravan Park


Boat Ramp Fees


Daily $4.50

Weekly $15.50

Monthly $ 38.50

3 Monthly or to end of Financial Year (whichever is lesser) $41.25

Financial Year Permit $60.50 (Only Available from the Council Administration Office)

Financial Year Permit $41.25 (Pension concession card holders, Only Available from the Council Administration Office)


Marine Scale Fishery License Holders and Commercial Operators (Class M, B & H Licenses)

1 boat $275.00

Each additional boat $192.50


Aquaculture Production Permit Holders (Oyster Growers)

1 boat $412.50

2 boats $618.75

3 boats $825.00


Restricted Abalone Fisherman Permit $165.00


Issue of Duplicate/ Replacement Boat Ramp Permits $27.50


Emergency Services Fisheries Vessel EXEMPT


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