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Driveways and Footpaths


Work on Council Land

Any work that is required to be carried out on Council's land, or that impact on Council infrastructure requires approval before work can commence. The Engineering and Infrastructure Department manage all City Work approvals to ensure that work is carried out in a safe manner and that hazards are minimised.

Approval needs to be obtained for any work that is outside your property boundary which may include driveway construction, concrete/paved walkway, private Stormwater outlet, underground electrical services, landscaping on verge, temporary occupation of Council land, traffic management and other miscellaneous work.Driveways

Driveway Crossover or Invert

An invert is the section of kerbing which is flat to allow access into your property, while the driveway crossover is the section of driveway from the invert to your property boundary which crosses the footpath area. In accordance with the Local Government Act it is the responsibility of the property owner to construct and maintain their driveway crossover.

If you wish to construct or alter a crossover an approval is required via Council's Works Permit System. The minimum standard of a driveway crossover accepted by Council is concrete from kerb to boundary to a depth of at least 100mm, with a surface structure of good quality and free of any obstructions and tripping hazards. Driveway crossovers of asphalt or block pavers over a suitably constructed base are also acceptable.

In areas such as industrial, reinforcing mesh may be requested as a minimum in driveways at the discretion of the Group Manager Infrastructure.;


Where there is no invert to a property and the property does not have a roll over kerb (drivable layback kerb), Council will provide an invert subject to the property owner covering all addition cost to bring the driveway entrance up to the minimum standard.


Can I do any landscaping works on the road verge in front of my house?

Road verges, also called nature strips, are Council property from the road to the property line. The Council encourages property owners to maintain their verge to add to the beauty of their streetscape, however before any planting or landscaping, or removal of trees takes place, you must receive permission from the Council.

How can I make a maintenance request?

If you wish a street tree removed you must apply to the Council. The following information is required:

  • location of tree(s)
  • the person/organisation making the request (including address)
  • the reason(s) for the request
  • detail of the tree(s) ie. Species, height, visual value, condition etc 

The completed form should be sent to: District Council of Ceduna, PO Box 175, Ceduna SA 5690.

To arrange a meeting with the appropriate staff prior to commencing any works on footpaths or medians. This is to ensure paths and power lines will not be obstructed and high water-use plants or noxious weeds are not used. Advice from the Council is free and readily available, contact the District Council of Ceduna.

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